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Custom Entry Point down on a searchable database website (
"Wow - great work. I have used this programmer before, and have always been very pleased with how fast and professional everything is completed."

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567577 Interview Transcribe (1)

"“ If there was a number greater than 10, I would award it. ReliableFreelancer is much more than reliable.The project was completed to satisfaction, and is actually EXACTLY what I HOPED it would be!If you need any transcriptions done, this provider is HIGHLY recommended! As for me, I will CERTAINLY use again!Big Thanks!! ”"

I need an audio interview to be transcribed. The interview is of 2 people, one asking the other questions. The interview is in English, and will need to be transcribed into English. See more.
The interview is 28 minutes long, and will be made available in a downloadable Mp3 Format once the project is awarded. I will need the interview transcribed using Microsoft Word. Upon completion, I will review the transcribed work in Word Format. Upon my satisfaction, I will release payment. That means, I will review the document for accuracy. If it is not accurate, you will correct all errors before getting paid!! My review time will be 3 business days. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Before bidding, please review the following terms: 1. You are able to speak and write in English. 2. You understand that I will manually proof read the entire document prior to ANY payment being made. Proofing will be allowed for 3 business days. 3. You MUST have at least 3 reviews for transcription projects that are positive. 4. Include the code "trn522" in ALL Bids and PMB's or you will automatically ignored! 5. Please include the length of time to complete the project. Be realistic. If you fall short of your promise, I will leave negative feedback! If you agree to the terms, I welcome your bid!

Make this short description.

-- bwgrit.

567578 Custom Entry Point down on a searchable database website (th

"“ Wow - great work. I have used this programmer before, and have always been very pleased with how fast and professional everything is completed. ”"

This website - - contains many databases which are searchable by the public. See more.
However, several years ago, another programmer (that I don't know) created several customized entry points for a particular user, one of which has stopped working. I've attached the information which I received from this particular user concerning his custom entry point for more information.

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-- redpenguinsl.

557220 Video to Word transcription

"“ “ @reliablefreelancer was very fast and effective. Would use again. A++ ” ”"

Hi all, We would like this video on http://www.faSee more. transcribed to a word document. It's a 25 minute video and we need what the video says on paper. It's just that easy and should only take 2 hours. Good luck!

Make this short description.

-- comcorp.

552401 Email broadcast problem and others with

"“ “ Excellent job - fast, thorough, very professional. I will surely use this programmer again and again. ” ”" - problems include: email broadcasSee more.
t problem (error message) saving a page with a mailto link error (error message) incorrect ip address being reached upon opening a new page (the Liscence for Editor is not valid)

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-- redpenguinsl.

552197 asp mailsender problem

"“ “ Fantastic Job! I have worked with this programmer before, and was thrilled to have the opportunity again - fast, professional, and very thorough. ” ”"

The website was recently moved to aSee more.
new server. However, it seems that the new server doesn't support the mail sender which was previously used on the site, and it needs to be recoded to use CDO.message. If you go to, after filling out the form, when you click SUBMIT you will see the error message. I have the coding change that the server - Hostgator - recommended using - I can send it to you. The mail sender on this page nheeds to be repaired, and there are a few more mailsenders, as well, on the site.

Make this short description.

-- redpenguinsl.

549778 Links to database down - need help

"“ “ Great job - very fast and thorough. I will definitely be using him again. ” ”"

There are 2 pages that are down and receiving erroSee more.
r messages on websites I have. One - on - click Membership>Member Login, and once you are logged in, click Books/CDs>Library books for this error message: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e37' [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-5.0.92-log]Table 'ggg2.Libbook' doesn't exist /Libbooks.asp, line 20 The other is on a similarly constructed site, click Membership>Member Login and you will get a similar error message:

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-- redpenguinsl.


"“ “ Rama did an awesome job to make the Macro do EXACTLY what I wanted it to do. It was a multi-page Excel Macro that was quite complicated and it works perfectly. Very responsive and he stayed online to talk with me about everything. I'm already doing a second project with him now. Great Work!! ” ”"

I need an excel macro that will handle creating a See more.
spreadsheet to enter adword ads. There will be three spreadsheets: A) Keywords B) Ad Groups C) Ads A) Keywords spreadsheet: 1) I will enter a list of cities 2) I will enter a list of keywords to follow the cities 3) I will enter a list of keywords to come before the cities 4) I will enter campaign name example: "New York" (city) will be combined with "electrician" (keyword) to make seperate column ("New York electrician) 4) Keywords in 2 and 3 above will be combined into one column. Final Output for keyword page will be a spreadsheet with four columns: campaign, ad group, keywords, keyword type. B) Ad group page-Just 3 columns (campaign, adgroup, and bid) C)Ads page: Easy and will pull from the other pages. Currently i do this with formulas but takes too ong, I need a Macro set up to handle this and need it done quickly! I've attached a speadsheet of how i currently do it.

Make this short description.

-- rodiggedy.

536194 Transcribe 40 minute audio sermon

"“ “ Great Job! - easy to work with, friendly, fast, good communication. Add another 10 to the feedback pile :) Well done. ” ”"

I have a 40 minute sermon that needs to be transcrSee more.
ibed. I will send the link to the winner. Please omit the words such as um, uh, and fix stutter/stammer/misspeak that isn't intended. Please include "Amen" in the subject line so I know you are reading this and can follow instructions. :) The final deliverable for this project will be one of the following RTF Doc, Text File, or MS Word document . I also expect the document to be organized in a logical format - the text should be formatted into logical paragraphs - NOT all jumbled together. Preference goes to those with experience and feedback. Thank you! Bids should be very reasonable! or I'll not consider them. My client has lots of audio sermons to transcribe in the near future and a great job/price will give you priority in future transcription.

Make this short description.

-- totalaccesssl.

535869 Database problem with search function

"“ “ Great job - stuck with it until it was complete. ” ”"

On 2 different websites, the search function - whiSee more.
ch should call to a database - is down. The pages that the search is down are and If you go to similar pages on these websites, you would see what should be happening (such as or All I need is for the search function to be corrected so that it will work properly.

Make this short description.

-- redpenguinsl.

533672 Google scraper adwords/organic

"“ “ Fast, good communication and working like a charm.On my preferred programmers list as of now. ” ”"

I need the following script/program coded. Needs tSee more.
o run from a desktop (windows). Works like this: A) Text box where search terms are entered or text file from which search terms are pulled. B) Runs a query on for search term 1 C) Pulls the urls (display main domain) from the adwords advertisers on page 1 D) Checks if these domains are listed in the top 20 organic results for that search query on E) Runs a query for search term 2 etc F) Outputs data in a CSV like: search string|adwords domain|adwords position|organic position If there are 7 advertisers and 4 keywords used the csv file will contain 28 records. Option to use proxies would most likely be needed due to the many queries. Please only bid if you understand the project and have developed similar scraping scripts. Thanks, Dave

Make this short description.

-- imwebtraffic.

533495 Excel Macro for converting 100 files

"“ “ Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Excellent work ethic, very fair, extremely fast and reliable and love the work that was done quickly and perfectly!!!! Can't say enough praise for a great job. Thanks so much! ” ”"

We need someone who can do an excel macro to load See more.
100 files and change excel data into html files.

Make this short description.

-- agenius.

490105 Searching and Compiling Excel Macro

"“ “ In addition to being well priced, Reliablefreelancer was fast and efficient in completing the task required. His work was problem free and his service was professional, quick and responsive. Would definitely use his services again. Highly recommended. ” ”"

I require an excel macro to extract a data set (70See more.
0 entries) from another data set (1500) entries and compile a list of the extracted data in another work sheet.

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-- suburbanman.

479216 Excel Filter Sub Routine

"“ “ reliablefreelancer did a great job, with very quick turn around. Will definitely use again. ” ”"

I am looking to use the results of an autofilter oSee more.
n one worksheet to filter other worksheets. For example say I have this on Worksheet 1 Name Hometown Favorite Sport Joe City1 Gymnastics Bob City2 Bodybuilding Tim City1 Gymnastics Ryan City1 Football Kim City3 Softball Bryan City2 Hunting Matt City4 Basketball Tony City4 Racecars This on worksheet2 Name Favorite Vacation Spot Joe Hawaii Bob Alaska Tim Vegas Ryan Florida Kim California Bryan Indiana Matt Indiana Tony North Carolina Tony California And I apply a filter on "Hometown" in worksheet1 I only want the "Names" displayed in the results of the filter to appear on the other sheets. So if I put a filter on "Hometown" of "City4" in sheet1 on sheet2 I only want to see the rows with "Matt" and "Tony" as the name. The "Name" is the key linking the sheets together. a particular name may appear twice in sheet 2.

Make this short description.

-- cflexsl.

472597 Transcripts Wanted

"“ “ A professional and competant freelancer who I will be delighted to work with again. Transcripts completed promptly, with extremely efficient communication. ” ”"

I require accurate written transcripts of a few auSee more.
dio and video interviews and presentations. (Very aproximately 2.5 hours of content in total) For the interview, please clearly indicate the name of who is speaking before each line, and use clear and presentable paragraphing. Accurate spelling and grammer essential. Please only bid if you can begin right away, and deliver within 3 days. I will provide links to the audio and video to be transcribed once your bid is selected.

Make this short description.

-- keystothemind.

462940 Excel VBA extraction

"“ “ Good service. Reliable developer. ” ”"

Hi, Attached is a small excel file which does a cSee more.
alculation. I need the calculation code extracted from the excel file. I need to understand the formulation behind the form but I could not reach the code. Thanks, Haluk

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-- halukist01.

461252 thirty minutes transcribe in word required

"“ “ Very fast turn round and a great job. well done.diffidently shall use relablefreelacer again soon.Uk Marketing ” ”"

I need some one to transcribe this 30min video in See more.
word document. You need to be up to 95% accurate and give a speedy service. happy bidding the link is

Make this short description.

-- ukmarketingsl.

458236 Transcribe Audio Conversation to Text

"“ “ Fast work! Would definitely use again! ” ”"

Transcribe two audio recordings (US English): PhoSee more.
ne Interview with Woman (wav format) 9 minutes 3 seconds Phone Interview with Man & Woman 16 minutes 8 seconds Need 100% accuracy and the following format: Interviewer: Sample question goes here. Interviewee: Sample response goes here.

Make this short description.

-- vidicapital.

449180 Transcription of 30-minute audio file

"“ “ Very fast and accurate at transcription work. Quick communication. Will use again! ” ”"

I have a 30-minute audio file (wav file, 300MB, doSee more.
wnloadable from ftp) that needs to be transcribed. The audio is clear and there is a single speaker who speaks with an American accent. The deliverable is a Word file with the transcribed text.

Make this short description.

-- vijaymandan.

446813 Phone Bill Review Project - Revision 2

"“ “ This developer was VERY professional, VERY timely and provided an EXCELLENT response to this projects requirements. Look forward to working with this developer in the future!!!! A++++++++++ ” ”"

Main requirement: To have a form to input the datSee more.
a (store month to month input) and to have an output (in a diff worksheet for distribution). Detailed Requirements: 1. The first workbook, would be used as you input the data and store it. The second workbook would be the beginning draft of the output (in the end, i would like the output to include charts and such...but may have to be next project). 2. The changes we need to make to the input form completed in the input doc returned by jst 3. This input needs to take into factor that we have 3 business units that we have to summarize 3 different bills 4. So, either we need to trait a user to each business unit, or create a form for each business unit (i.e, "Bentonville", "Duncanville" and "Field")…drop down on each user would be fine 5. It would be easiest for the inputting user if the last input values prepopulated the form - as these values may not change from month to month 6. We are inputting month to month, the input form would need to store historical data...up to 12 months…within the input file 7. Once 6 months data is saved, it needs to be archived...maybe into a third file?

Make this short description.

-- j9thomp.

445760 Need Data Entry Firm Or Individuals (2)

"“ “ Excellent job. Developer has many talents and wants to ensure that he finds the best solution for you. Can't wait to do many more projects together! ” ”"

This is a very simple data entry project. However,See more.
I will have many more projects for the right person who can perform it fast and at a resonable price. Job Description: I need someone to go to a single website URL where there are exactly 6,000 links. You will simply click each link and copy/paste the email address that comes up into an excel file. Then send me the excel file. That's it. Each link will literally take less than 3 seconds to do. I need someone who get started right away. Speed is important to me. The quicker the better. I will do random checks to make sure the data is 100% accurate

Make this short description.

-- projectdesign04.

444803 Automatic Excel Stock Uploader

"“ “ FANTASTIC PROGRAMMER! Took my difficult project and created a masterpiece! He is an extremely fast worker, but more importantly he is also very easy to work with. I have nothing but high praise for his work and professionalism. I highly recommend this programmer for any task and will think of him first for any of my future projects. ” ”"

Need a program that will automatically input stockSee more.
price and stock volume (with a time stamp) pulled from online real time quotes onto an excel spreadsheet for up to 15 individual stocks at intervals that can be easily set by the user ranging from 1 to 31 minute intervals.

Make this short description.

-- adam1sl.

442903 Excel Form to Report

"“ “ This developer was VERY professional, VERY timely and provided an EXCELLENT response to this projects requirements. Look forward to working with this developer in the future!!!! A++++++++++ ” ”"

**EXCEL FORMATTING ONLY** I would like to find a dSee more.
eveloper that can help take a manual process and make it as "form" centric as possible. I have a monthly phone bill (1100 pages) that I take and summarize to a 1 page overview. This requires alot of manual input...additionally, the output is text only and not very useful when attempting to review this - I would like to chart various expenses over time, YTD comps, Month-to-month comps, etc.

Make this short description.

-- j9thomp.

441615 embedd 5000 megavideos

"“ “ Great Job, did everything I asked!!!! ” ”"

I need someone to embedd 5000 megavideos which i wSee more.
ill tell you where to find and I need the description of each movie found at pasted under each movie. This is the first part of a six part project. So hopefully I can hire you for all six.

Make this short description.

-- thearinator71.

430541 SLR Sales Project script

"“ “ I have user reliablefreelancer three times and he has always been responsive and followed thru on every request. Each project was completed as specified and in a short time frame. ” ”"

Payment for programming PPT macro to create two PPSee more.
T output files and a word doc - based on a series on prescriptive questions.

Make this short description.

-- johntoc.

426938 Data Entry: 500 Entries from Word into Excel

"“ “ excellent work, thanks again. Would be delighted to use services again in future ” ”"

Hi guys Have a Word document with 500 address entSee more.
ries which need to be transferred into a CSV Excel doc. One of the listings is from a chain of franchises and you would need to capture their addresses from their website (I have most of them on the list, but some have been missed) Step 2: You need to go to an external website and extract the Latitude and Longitude data for each of the entries which has an actual address. All in all around 500 entries approximately. Budget $10 This task is between 5 and 10% of the lists I need transferred in the same manner in the next two weeks after this job has been done successsfully. Budget Stage 2: $90. If you do a good job on this first one, you can have the whole task. Thanks for your offers.

Make this short description.

-- schaferu.

423714 transcription 40min

"“ “ Great work, great communication. ” ”"

English transcription, 40 min, good quality. 24 hoSee more.
ur turnaround. Only respond if you can definitely do it.

Make this short description.

-- ralphst.


"“ “ AAAAAA++++++++ A great guy, works out every detail, is perfect. I can't say enough about him. He is ON TIME, and DOES A GREAT JOB EVERY TIME! BEST one on scriptlance! ” ”"

Search repSee more.
lace per instuction.

Make this short description.

-- agenius.

422436 excel macro

"“ “ This one is a keeper! Understands, and creates ON TIME, GOOD WORK, THE FIRST TIME. Other programmers on here said they could do it, but he DELIVERS EXCELLENT QUALITY. Created an excel macro that was simple but precise. I will hire him again!!! A++++++ ” ”"

Create a macro to do the following: 1. we have anSee more.
xlsx file. 2. column AH has data "Something" 3. column AJ is blank 4. Lookup "something" in list of 40 items, ( we will provide list) 5. find the one that correalates to "Something" ie: 50 6. replace AJ with 50 7. loop until all rows in AJ are full with the corresponding number. DO NOT BID ON THIS UNLESS YOU CAN DO IT IN 1 DAY RUSH JOB: NEED TOMMORROW!!!

Make this short description.

-- agenius.

419530 Menu Transcription (2)

"“ “ Quick, fair, reasonable, and does excellent quality work. ” ”"

I will be providing 107 scanned PDFs. The job is tSee more.
o transcribe these into excel with the following columns Filename Category Dish Title Dish Description Price

Make this short description.

-- aznkid911.

417998 hypoerlinks in pdf file

"“ “ Super fast, reliable - would like to work with on bigger projects ” ”"

Hi, I have just created a pdf file, which will beSee more.
a webfile, and some hyperlinks, that open up other pdf's on the web. The hyperlinks work,but i need them to open up a new tab, or window rather than open up in current window. The pdf file is only 4 pages, and I only need it for 2 links. Please help!

Make this short description.

-- dragondesignssl.

414598 Transcription 2

"“ “ Excellent work, completed very quickly. I am very pleased. ” ”"

The project is for transcription of some technicalSee more.
discussions, a lot like lecture material. Please bid on the basis of thirty minute lectures. The subject is psychology. You must be fluent in English. If you are from a country where English is commonly used, please say so in your bid. I have used scriptlance for transcription before, so I have an idea what to expect. Please be competitive in your bidding.

Make this short description.

-- brainsci108.

406801 Copy and Paste Job

"“ “ Very good freelancer - will use again! Excellent communication and very fast! ” ”"

I need someone to copy and paste 140 phrases into See more.
two separate documents - one being an HTML document and the other Excel.

Make this short description.

-- webtechie15.

404178 transcription conversion text

"“ “ Super Fast Great communication, A+++++ work ” ”"

Hello I would like the video on this page http://See more. converted to a text document Please do not bid unless you have over 10 feedbacks thanks

Make this short description.

-- tgilberg.

400293 Convert PDF to MPP MS Project

"“ “ Extraordinary commitment and professionalism. Clarified requirements upfront, and went way beyond the call in execution. ” ”"

Have a PDF that was generated from Microsoft ProjeSee more.
ct a few months ago, but have lost touch with the originator and need it converted back into Project with a few small modifications. Modifications are all timing - just moving some elements back a few weeks. No new tasks added. Should be pretty simple if you know Microsoft Project. As output I will require both the MPP file and a PDF version. Project will be two short phases - first just turn around the attached PDF as MPP, then I'll tell you the few changes required.

Make this short description.

-- KevinWaldo.

387297 xls file of test-data

"“ “ Completed exactly what we requested and well within the time constraints. Very amiable to work with--makes the quality of work that much greater. Highly recommended. ” ”"

create a file of raw-data based on specific guidelSee more.
ines for variables/values that will be provided such that the raw-data can then subsequently be used by us to validate/test a statistical algorithm.

Make this short description.

-- wentaavi.

384194 Need copy program work in LAN

"“ “ Very good programmer, excellent communication. ” ”"

We require a program which will copy a XML file inSee more.
a directory to server in same LAN and invoke a URL on server. Any suggestions to do it smartly, please suggest, but need it ASAP.

Make this short description.

-- tripatinfoways.

382028 Transcribe 53 min mp3

"“ “ Very fast and reliable person. It was a pleasure working with him. ” ”"

I need someone to transcribe a 53 min mp3 into texSee more.

-- slbuyer10.

380705 VBA/macro: xls data into ppt

"“ “ very easy to work with and did exactly what we needed. worked through night with us to get it done by the urgent overnight deadline. Very polite and very attentive so to do just what you ask. Highly recommend. Thanks for the great, swift work! Will definitely seek your help when we need it next. ” ”"

Have some rows of data, a selection of cells in eaSee more.
ch row need to be copy/paste or inserted into a location on consecutive ppt slides. The values in each row are different and there will be several hundred slides with each specific row of data. Need someone to be able to program the macro to copy the excel data row from a single file and have it placed on each individual slide in the ppt. The ppt will have to have a new slide inserted for each b/c it starts off with just the first slide. So there has to be a macro that inserts a new slide and copies the excel row in the specific location and then inserts the next slide etc. etc. That's all. The slides are otherwise blank. The rows of data just really need to be on separate slides because the slides will be printed on specific documents such that the row of data serves as a label on each document. There may be a mail merge or some such to do this as well. Work must be done ASAP. Compensation for the time it takes to do programming and for file to be completed at takes to complete a file of ppt with multiple slides (for programming task that should hopefully and ostensibly not take much time for anyone who knows what he/she's doing). Anticipating the work to take no more than an hour or two b/c task to write this up should be simple.

Make this short description.

-- wentaavi.

380071 Private Project For reliablefr

"“ “ User has completed ALOT of projects for me privatly and is fantastic at what he does. A++++ ” ”"

Work alreaSee more.
dy completed. For reliablefreelancer

Make this short description.

-- micky007.

371208 Small Visual Basic .NET App

"“ “ Fantastic coder, knows what he is doing and very helpfull. A+++ ” ”"

Dear Coders, I need a small program created in ViSee more.
sual Basic .NET which will load up a webpage and get data from that webpage. The data from the webpage will be displayed like this: smscaster.exe -Compose 07841234567 "hello melon apple face" smscaster.exe -Compose 07745465423 "haha this is a test message for my application" What I want the application to do is get that data and then paste the data into MS-DOS (command prompt) and run it. When you first open the application it should ask the following: URL – This will be the URL of the webpage the application will need to get the data off from it. Refresh – This will be how many seconds the application should refresh the webpage to get the data and run it through MS-DOS (command prompt). Start – This will be a button to start getting the data and running it through MS-DOS (command prompt). Stop – This will be a button that will stop the application getting the data CPU Usage – This will be the max cpu usage the computer will use before the application stops itself. So for example, if I set it too 75, the application will look at the CPU Usage is at 75% then the application will stop. The application must say how many times the application has refreshed the webpage, it must also say how many times the application was unable to load the webpage. Thanks !

Make this short description.

-- micky007.

367729 Transcribe 13 min. audio

"“ “ He did a great job in record time. I will absolutely use again. Thanks! ” ”"

I have a 13 minute visualization audio in English See more.
that needs transcribing. Simple project.

Make this short description.

-- creativewealth.

363331 Project for reliablefreelancer

"“ “ Excellent job. I will be using this consultant again. ” ”"

I would like you to go back through to the rows yoSee more.
u marked 0 (no pictures), and then check for pictures on and the CDC ( This should be the same type of search as before. Download the pictures to the same folder and then mark the column as a 2 if the image was found on wikipedia and mark it as a 3 if it was found on the CDC.

Make this short description.

-- simaD.

362097 Transcriptionist needed for MP

"“ “ Excellent work. Completed the project in a timely manner and even helped me figure out how to use some of Scriptlance's features. There were a few grammatical errors, but I can understand that since it was a medical project and I don't always speak as clearly as I should.I will definitely consider reliablefreelancer again for my next project! ” ”"

I have recorded a short memoir of my schooling on See more.
a 45 minute mp3 and need it transcribed into a word document (or Open Office). Then I need to have it emailed to me.

Make this short description.

-- eagles12.

361290 Project for reliablefreelancer

"“ “ Great job. Did everything I asked and completed the job on time. ” ”"

513 Skin Disease Images Project (download images aSee more.
nd place them in folders) Folders file (download this): has all of the folders in it. Google Spreadsheet file: For each folder in the file: 1) Take the name of each disease from the folder and type in the name of the folder and the words "" into google, for example "Acanthosis Nigricans" 2) Search through the images on and carefully select five images you think best illustrate the disease. The images should be: - Full size (not thumbnails) - Horizontal (not vertical if possible) - A little different from each other. *If you can't find 5 images, but in the images you can find, for example if you can only find 1, use the 1. *We are only interested in images from If you can't find the disease on, then skip the disease and go to the next disease in the list. 3) Download each image into the folder with the disease name (There will be five images in the Acanthosis Nigricans folder.) 4) As you are placing the images into the folder, record the URL in the URL column at *Make sure you put a ", " between each URL. For example, the Acanthosis Nigricans URL column will be ",,,," 5) After completion, place a "1" in the "Dermnet" column to show you were able to find the images on If you are unable to find any images for the disease on, skip it and put nothing in the column.

Make this short description.

-- simaD.

354664 PPT Replicate Template Sets II

"“ “ Really pleased with the fast turn around and careful specification & clarity before beginning project. Programmed VB macro inside MS PowerPoint. I will be asking reliablefreelancer to do more work in the future. ” ”"

VB Script (or equivalent) application within MS PoSee more.
werPoint 07 – to multiply replicate two std PPT templates, with multiple elements within each new template set having sequential numbering and hyperlinks back and forth between each new parent and child created template sets.

Make this short description.

-- johntoc.

345743 Transcription & Summaries 5

"“ “ Reliablefreelancer delivered an excellent quality transcript, well formatted, with clear annotations, ahead of schedule. On the basis of this work I've already asked him to do further work for me at short notive - and he has again delivered excellent quality and ahead of schedule. I expect to work with him long-term. ” ”"

Transcription & Summaries 5 This is a duplicate PSee more.
roject to Project ID 1251009020 - Transcription & Summaries. I need EITHER or BOTH: PROJECT 1: FLUENT BRITISH or AMERICAN ENGLISH WRITER able to TRANSCRIBE interviews from audio recordings and produce Summary, Blog Post, Article and Press Release from the interviews, preferably with some experience of the Internet Marketing sector. PROJECT 2: FLUENT BRITISH or AMERICAN ENGLISH WRITER able to TRANSCRIBE interviews from audio recordings accurately. PLEASE DO NOT BID unless you can demonstrate successful relevant experience. The bid is for a trial assignment, with a view to longer term business. Please bid for the following, TO BE PROVIDED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF AWARD: If bidding for PROJECT 1: * TRANSCRIBE verbatim one 50-minute interview (two people speaking), which will be made available online as an MP3 audio recording * Prepare a 600-word SUMMARY of the key points of the interview, plus introductory bio of the speaker * Prepare one 300-word BLOG POST in SEO-optimized format (keyword-focused) for 3 keywords (which I will give you) with one relevant royalty-free graphic in jpg or similar format * Prepare one 250-word ARTICLE, with one relevant royalty-free graphic, in compliant format for submission to and in the style of a particular EzineArticles author that I will advise * Prepare one 200-word PRESS RELEASE in SEO-optimized (keyword-focused) format PROJECT 2 comprises only the Transcription for the above. Both the Projects should comply with the following. All written material must be concise and written in an interesting and exciting but genuine style, with logical flow from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph and with a coherent theme throughout, that gives the reader good content and keeps them reading to the end. All documents should be produced as Word 2003 documents and in an attractive publication-ready layout that can be readily converted to PDF format for publication without further formatting work. I will provide the selected bidder(s) for Project 1 with structure and style guidelines for the Summary, Blog Post, Article and Press Release. The Summary, Blog Post, Article and Press Release must be individually worded so that there is no duplicate content – all material will be checked with or similar. Each piece must have eye-catching, SEO-optimised Titles All written materials must have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. You agree that the materials provided to you and all materials that you prepare based on it are my copyright and you will not use, reproduce, re-use or sell any of the materials in any manner, either online or offline. Please do not bid unless you can comply fully with the above terms – your bid will be your confirmation that you will comply with them. YOUR BID SHOULD INCLUDE: * Confirm whether you are bidding for PROJECT 1 or PROJECT 2. * Your price for the trial assignment set out above. * Your confirmation that you will deliver the trial assignment materials within 48 hours of award * A short outline of your relevant experience * A short sample of your work * Your price for doing further sets of Transcription, Summary, Blog post, Article and Press Release – either individually or in groups of up to 12 different interviews [NB: For Project 2, this will be only the Transcripts]. * Your confirmation that, if selected to do this further work, you would be able to deliver 12 SUCH SETS of Transcription, Summary, Blog post, Article and Press Release within 8 days of award [NB: For Project 2, this will be only the Transcripts]. * Your confirmation that you specifically agree to the above terms. PLEASE BID ONLY IF: you agree to all the above; you can provide material that is fully compliant with my requirement; you can demonstrate the quality of similar writing produced by you personally; and you are interested in long-term work. Bids which do not contain the above information will not be considered. Thank you for your interest.

Make this short description.

-- ibizco.

345505 Templated Excel File

"“ “ Attentive, persistent, great attention to details, requests feedback during the project. I would hire Rama (eprdjob2008) once again. ” ”"

I am looking for someone to create (program) an ExSee more.
cel template for comparing Merchant Accounts. Basically, I would like to enter a number of transactions, the price of each product, and have an Excel file spit out all the information. I would like to place 5 - 10 merchant accounts in the file, have them neatly lined up, and compare and contrast their fees. I can provide the fields necessary after a successful bid. This is gig for someone who is good at Excel, and perhaps likes accounting, finance, and working with numbers. I presume this is not a difficult task, I just don't have time to do it myself.

Make this short description.

-- rdagroup24.

345317 Remove Duplicate Email Address

"“ “ Excellent programmer. Very patient and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Highly recommended! ” ”"

I have a list of email addresses in a Word file. ISee more.
need the duplicate email addresses removed and the revised list formatted in a comma delimited format. I'm not exactly sure how many email addresses there are. Probably less than 500. But if you already have a program that can do this, this is a very simple job.

Make this short description.

-- bmullis.

344135 Business Service Software

"“ “ I enjoyed working with you and will use you again. Very patient with all I needed and was able to test with me via a remote session. I did not hear him moan about anything and was open to change parts I did not like.Thank you for your hard work. ” ”"

Hi, We are a small computer company that service See more.
computers and laptops. I'm looking for a bespoke software application to be developed that will enable a message reminder of a 'service' required on a PC. This reminder will simply prompt the customer to a message or a web page on an allocated date (maybe once a year but date options would be ideal: eg, 3month, 6month, 1year etc.. Once the customer has seen this message they can either choose an option to remind them later eg: 1 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. Also, this program will allow the option to change the default home page to a designated url. The application must run on all platforms of Microsoft Windows (Windows XP / Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server) If you can make a program that will do this and have the ability to install / uninstall this please contact me. I need a developer who has the patience to make necessary changes until the application is right. I am also open to opinions and other ideas if this will not do what I need. Many Thanks

Make this short description.

-- iekos.

344039 Turn 1000+ SWFs into MPGs

"“ “ Reliablefreelancer was a real pleasure to work with from beginning to end of this project. He understood the requirements perfectly and got the job done right, with great communication as well. Definitely a good choice. ” ”"

Hi there, I have about 1,000-1,200 SWF files on mSee more.
y server. Each one is a slideshow with audio, 640x480 size, about 1 minute long. Here is an example of one: What we need you to do is this: Convert each of these from SWF to MPG or AVI format. The result should have good photo and audio quality. There are many programs that can do this conversion automatically. Needless to say, with this quantity, you will probably want to use something automated. The result filename should be the same as the source, but with the correct new extension, i.e., 5sf_D1623.mpg. I am not sure exactly how many files we have, it's about 1000-1200, so please bid a price per conversion. We will require a couple of sample result files before we start. We are looking for a price below 25 cents per conversion. We may be able to provide more work on a monthly basis for the winning bidder. Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

Make this short description.

-- autopages.

340618 Audio 2 Text Transcription

"“ “ Very courteous person. Humble and efficient. ” ”"

I have an audio file in mp3 format which is about See more.
"55 minutes" long. You have to listen to that and type it into a MS Word file accurately. Also I have 7 video files, which you can watch/hear and then type it into a MS Word file separately. Video1: 13 mins Video2: 8 mins Video3: 14 mins Video4: 10 mins Video5: 10 mins Video6: 11 mins Video7: 9 mins Accuracy without spelling mistakes is expected.

Make this short description.

-- bigfish1234.

340172 Voice to Text

"“ “ Excellent work.Very accurate and detailed in all aspects of the project. There was constant open communication throughout the project,and was a true professional. I will look forward to working on future projects together. ” ”"

I have a taped interview, approx 60 minutes long, See more.
that I need to have converted to text so I can create a word document.

Make this short description.

-- ronvince.

337711 Type 9 Pages in Microsoft Word

"“ “ Excellent work. Highly recommend. Look forward to utilizing him for other projects. ” ”"

Hi. Don't have time so have easy job for anyone thSee more.
at can use Microsoft Word. Have 9 pages of legal document which is currently in PDF form. Just need someone to type up pages in Word. Will just be minor text changes. Can send scanned images of each page with instructions. Thanks. Jr

Make this short description.

-- jrr1010.

337309 Spreadsheet Script

"“ “ He is very responsive and communicative. He works hard to get the job done. ” ”"

I have a spreadsheet with the "first name" and "laSee more.
st name" entered in the same field. The names are separated by a space. I need to have the names split into two fields. For example, field 1A contains "John Smith". I need field 1B="John" and field 1C="Smith". The script should work down an entire column of names, splitting 2A -> 2B & 2C, 3A -> 3B & 3C, etc.

Make this short description.

-- cosmeticmd.

331553 for reliablefreelancer

"“ “ A+. Immediately got to work and finished WAY before deadline. Would do business again ” ”"

Excel projSee more.
ect for reliablefreelancer

Make this short description.

-- robtech.

330323 Program Script Crawl

"“ “ Excellent Work! Very Trustworthy! AAA++++ Will work with again. ” ”"

As discussed, I need a program to crawl/reverse-ipSee more.

-- robtech.

329175 Script to Crawl Websites

"“ “ Excellent Work! Very Trustworthy! AAA++++ Will work with again. ” ”"

As Discussed, I need a script to crawl Quantcast. See more.
Specifically to crawl the "Audience Also Visits" section. The program should allow a "seed list" of domains to start the initial crawl. This list may be are large as 2,000 domain names. The list of new domains found should be exportable, and if you can capture the "Monthly Traffic" each domain gets associated to the found domain I'll pay you an additional $25 Bonus.

Make this short description.

-- robtech.

322217 Watermark 100 Videos n my site

"“ “ This guy did a PERFECT job for us.He is one of the efficient programmers here and would give him my projects in future surely.Nice communication and Good Quality of work. ” ”"

I have many videos on my server. I want someone toSee more.
watermark it and put it on my server. This project is for 100 videos. I will have more works for winning bidder. Bid accordingly. Already one programmer wasted my time. So, I don't want any time wasters.

Make this short description.

-- Simplesolz.

320601 New Work

"“ “ Recommended excellent work will use again. ” ”"

As per our MSn conversation we need the following See more.
adding to the code in our db 1)Fix ean numbers that are being corrupt by CSV. 2)Fix Medea and Jettec so there ean numbers are comming down in the csv feed. 3)Fix csv so catagory name are comming down in feed. 4)Fix part number's so that the system will take diffrent format of part number i.e cb333ee, hpcb333ee, cb333ee.abu

Make this short description.

-- inkjetsl.

319881 Powerpoint Navigation

"“ “ Excellent Developer. The project turned out to be harder than we both thought. This developer came up with 3 solutions to meet the project guidelines. Totally professional. If you need something developed, isn't this the type of person you want to work with? ” ”"

I am looking for a powerpoint expert. You will preSee more.
pare a powerpoint for me (NO TEXT) only the flow. This powerpoint will allow me to navigate from on topic to another with a click of a button. For example, lets say I am discussing the topic of partnership but the customer asks me a question about pricing, I am able to (by the click of a link) jump to that portion of the powerpoint. Please read about "Relational Presentation" here: especially on slide 4, where it shows a basic layout with links to jump to category. I want you to develop a blank template to me so I can input the text myself. If its easier for you, I can send you the text also, its up to you.

Make this short description.

-- oneworldsl.

319467 Need Transcription2

"“ “ Excellent worker, loved to work with him again... I am really happy with his work. Whole heatedly and Strongly recommended A+++++. ” ”"

I need a 8 of Youtube videos transcription. All aSee more.
re in between 1 to 8 minutes long. I am going to pay 0.60 per minute I need a sample of your work, cause this is very serious project and I don't want to waste my time. Please go to the following page And please send me a sample of your work. You can see my views, I pay fastly. Without samples plz don't bid, stay away from my project, if you can't provide a sample. Those who can't send me a sample even, how can they do work. So time wasters please stay away from my project.

Make this short description.

-- Expertinneed.

317960 Excel Macro

"“ “ Very professional and fast, nice to work with. Thanks! ” ”"

I need an Excel macro that can copy cells from oneSee more.
workbook to another based on certain criteria. Both workbooks will have columns that are the same, but one workbook may have additional columns with cells that should not be affected, moved or resorted. Additionally, the rows containing the similar cells will not always be sorted the same, so the macro must look only at cell data to determine what to copy, and never entire rows or columns. It's a bit confusing, so I've tried to represent it graphically. See attached.

Make this short description.

-- hipdev.

316003 Youtube Movies Watermarking

"“ “ Job accomplished well as my requirements. He worked hard to do a good job. ” ”"

Download 20 movies from Youtube from a list I willSee more.
give you. Watermark the movies. Upload movies to a webserver with FTP. Length of movies could be between 30 sec. and 4 minutes.

Make this short description.

-- digiso.

310874 Database

"“ “ Recommended excellent job. ” ”"

Update database with CSV file that i have sent youSee more.
on msn in to the mysql db.

Make this short description.

-- techbits.

308590 Audio Transcription - 32 mins

"“ “ Wow - what a fantastic job. So professional and courteous. At last someone who gets the job done as promised! ” ”"

I need a 32 minute interview between 2 people tranSee more.
scribed BY A HUMAN. The audio is in English and is very clear. The transcription must be correctly punctuated, and in the format: MARY: Transcribed text here NIKKI: Transcribed text here Also you need to include actions such as (laughs) etc. Thanks for your bids. If you would like the link for the audio please use PMB.

Make this short description.

-- mobizar.

304264 Transcription of audio 2 text

"“ “ Did a super prompt and efficient job of transcription..Will use again.. ” ”"

I need the text from a Short ten minute video. TheSee more.
delivery format will be text The file is short swf video ( I will send link to download). Audio is in English and stays English

Make this short description.

-- timedentry.

294993 reliablefreelancer project

"“ “ Another perfect job! Will definitely hire in the future. An asset to scriptlance. ” ”"

As discussed from previous work done on scriptlancSee more.

-- privatelogic.

294838 Data entry excel file

"“ “ Excellent job done without any errors which is key in data entry. Would definitely hire again and can suggest you do the same. ” ”"

I need some data input done into an excel file. ThSee more.
e file has about 830 codes (lines) that will need to have the following done to them. This is an example for one code (line) 1. Goto: 2. At the top of the page is a search function. Enter in BVT. 3. You should have been sent to this page 4. Take the MFID number [258528] and put that in the excel file. I'll need you to do this for 830 codes. Once done I'll randomly check 10 and if they are all correct then you will get paid and given an excellent review. Thanks!

Make this short description.

-- privatelogic.

288925 Setup Modify Excel Sheet

"“ “ I have got all the help required from 'reliablefreelancer' as and when I want it. And every time I become that much happier since the response was spot on and solved all the issues with adding more suggestions as well. I would recommend to anyone if you are looking for a good long term relationship provider. No doubt, I will be using this programmer for lots of projects... ” ”"

Adhoc help to support any items carried forward orSee more.
/and doing any additional functionaly. Explanation and help whenever necessary. Support is essential to ensure smooth transition to the client"

Make this short description.

-- buxtun.

282075 Access Database

"“ “ Worked very hard to complete job fulfilling all requirements. ” ”"

I need a simple access database designed. It is baSee more.
sically a database to help organize when we make payments to vendors using a credit card. Here is what we want it to have: 1) Add Vendors - this would be a table of all vendors that would include name, address, phone, fax, email content, comment field 2) Pay Vendor - this would allow entry of the following information A) select Vendor B) Enter Invoice Number (we would need this field to check and be sure there no duplicate invoice#'s for this vendor so we would not pay them twice. c) comment field for invoice available d) Amount to be Paid there would need to be space so that if we are paying a vendor it would be quick to put in invoice#'s and $ amounts, we could have 1 to pay, or we could have as many as 20-30 invoices to pay for that vendor that date. e) there would be a running total at the bottom that would show the total amount of the invoices being paid. F) Credit card to be used (we would need another table where we could enter credit card information, which would include: credit card type, credit card number, expiration date, security code, Zip Code of card holder, Name of card holder, this so that we could choose the credit card we are wanting to pay these invoices from After entering the various invoice #'s and amounts to be paid, we would want to be able to have a button that would say, print Payment Authorization. Payment Authorization form would have the following information; 1) Company name/info at the top 2) Payment Credit Card Authorization 3) We would need some verbiage that would state: Please charge the following invoices using the credit card information below: 4) here we would see a listing of the invoice numbers and the amounts next to each and then on the bottom, in much bigger print the total to be charged on our credit card. 5) Print Reports/access - we would need to be able to look up vendors and see the various payment authorizations given, needing to see the detail of the amounts and invoice numbers along with the total We would want to look up using a date range, vendor, $ amount, invoice # We would want to be able to run a report that would show the total amount authorized by vendor for a given time period as well. Let me know the cost for this and if you can handle this project. We would want multiple people to be able to access this database. Thanks.

Make this short description.

-- jcolemansl.

272601 Call Managment System

"“ “ Keep up the good work ” ”"

Per our msn converstaion we would like to set up aSee more.
n internal ticket system for managing phone calls. 1)Log form were the phone person will enter the customer order number email address post code and a notes regarding the order select the department to send the ticket to and click send. 2)Once a ticket has been sent to a department it will flag up in a task list to say open tickets and mark then in order or date and time received. Any ticket not answered for one working day need to pop up to say urgent please action. 3)Once a ticket has been opened by the department you can log your comments and submit back to the department that sent it. The same task list and fuction will apply to open tickets as the when it was first logged. 4)Search form for customer calling back to check progres. Phone operater will enter order number or post code and it will then match and bring the customer detials up. Phone operater will be able to view notes or leave new notices. 5) option to open and closed tickets and more to a higher priorty if needed.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

270188 ASP Email Forms

"“ “ Another good project keep up the good work. ” ”"

As per our MSN chat we have agreed we will completSee more.
e 10 email forms in the layout i sent in the txt file via msn. You will copy the info from the link i sent via msn and you will need to add colour to the page as well.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

268683 IceCat Data

"“ “ Another great job keep up the good work. ” ”"

We are looking for some one who can help with the See more.
intergration of icecat with our Access 2007. We need to be able to import the data and map it to our products. Work Needed. 1) Create Tables in access 2007 for icecat data. Product Name,Description, Features, EAN. 2) Create a script to import the data in to Access 2007 there needs to be a way to refresh this data daily with icecat servers to make sure our data is allway correct. 3) Map data to our product which are in another table in access 2007. We look forward to working with you.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

268523 Purchase Order Form

"“ “ Keep up he good work will use again. ” ”"

As per the csv sheet we spoke about we need the foSee more.
llowing designing in to an online application. 1) Stock sheet per csv to work online 2) Search box to seach for products out of the product manager table. Product will be showen in order of cheaps price and stock with the ability to add this to the stock purchasing sheet. 3) Need a way to save each purchase order by suppliers and per week. So we can revert back to them to see what stock has been purchased or to make updates. 4) Full reporting showing week by week purchases. This will show weekly break down of stock and purchases by each supplier.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

267006 Looking for Excel Wizz

"“ “ super fast, honest and brilliant ” ”"

I have a relatively small job but you have to be gSee more.
ood at excel in order for it to be a small job. I have a worksheet and require the following. A.I need a calendar like function placed. so user clicks on a 'little calendar image/icon' and a calendar pops up, user selects data/year on the calendar icon and then they select an cell on the worksheet. the date chosen should then be inserted into the cell. B.the second feature involves using multi select list box. user selects 1 or multiple options and then clicks on a cell and those options are inserted into the sell.

Make this short description.

-- fredricoagent.

265513 Word Phrase Grouping Version 2

"“ “ ReliableFreeLancer is an extremely talented Programmer. AA++ I surely will be doing regular business with him. Very Happy! ” ”"

What I am looking to do is input large lists of teSee more.
xt keywords into excel (say approximately 5000 words) and have Excel automatically group them by phrases. I'm looking for an excel macro to do this grouping automatically for me based on a combination of similar words common between the rows. I'd like it to first look for 5 common words and group them, then 4 common words (not part of the 5 common words) and group them, then 3, then 2, then 1, then domain domain names. This should be able to handle special characters without breaking...i.e. ()+,'/\-%$! I have attached a Excel spreadsheet with 3 worksheets attached (Before Grouping, After Grouping, Explanation) to further explain what I need. I want to take all the keywords in the "Before Grouping" sheet and have excel automatically Group them based on the above explanation, and the end result will be "After Grouping". If you're confused, please ask me... 50% Escrowed Immediately. Upon Completion, 50% will be released and 50% will be immediately paid in full. Thanks

Make this short description.

-- robtech.

265140 VoIP CLI pop-up

"“ “ I found 'reliablefreelancer' to be a very professional programmer.His level of research and communication was more than acceptable.We encountered many problems with this project, but the outcome was acceptable to me.I look forward to working with him again. ” ”"

MS Access module to Interface with incoming VoIP CSee more.
LI. In essence I am looking for a module that can run in harmony with an MS Access Address book style database, to interface with a VoIP service. using Virtual PBX extensions. Giving a pop-up displaying CLI number and associated name and company. The VoIP will be a PBX extension, so will ring in harmony with a VoIP desk phone. The software will not need to handle voice data, purely CLI. In an ideal world, a "Click to Call" button in the database would be wonderful. It would need to create the call, and instantly transfer it to the Desk Phone VoIP extension. Incoming calls should cause a pop-up to appear (Displaying CLI and Name) and call a call log form in the DataBase. The DB is based upon MS's own Contact Management template. I am happy to provide the template. VoIPfone provide a Tapi plugin, however I have not been able to get it working as yet. It is available from their forum.

Make this short description.

-- winstonhotel.

264749 Macro - Word Phrase Grouping

"“ “ AA++ - Excellent Work - Will work with him again. ” ”"

What I am looking to do is input large lists of teSee more.
xt keywords into excel (say approximately 5000 words) and have Excel automatically group them by phrases. I'm looking for an excel macro to do this grouping automatically for me based on a combination of similar words common between the rows. I'd like it to first look for 5 common words and group them, then 4 common words (not part of the 5 common words) and group them, then 3, then 2, then 1, then domain domain names. This should be able to handle special characters without breaking...i.e. ()+,'/\-%$! I have attached a Excel spreadsheet with 3 worksheets attached (Before Grouping, After Grouping, Explanation) to further explain what I need. I want to take all the keywords in the "Before Grouping" sheet and have excel automatically Group them based on the above explanation, and the end result will be "After Grouping". If you're confused, please ask me... 50% Escrowed Immediately. Upon Completion, 50% will be released and 50% will be immediately paid in full. Thanks

Make this short description.

-- robtech.

264526 CSV & Online Form

"“ “ Another great project look forward to working with you again. ” ”"

Per our conversation today the following work needSee more.
s to be complete. 1) Speed all csv up. 2) Online user form for creating new users to access the website along with an area to set security to view areas set by admin.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

264371 Need 30 Min. audio Transcribed

"“ “ Very fast and great work- excellent to work with!! ” ”"

Hi there - I have approx 30 minute file transcribeSee more.
d. english language. 3 people talking in the audio recording it is in mp3 format Would ideally like to have this done in next 24 hours so can pick someone in next 4 hours.

Make this short description.

-- wildhorsesl.

264272 Poster distribution database

"“ “ Excellent programmer. Worked very hard on the project. Great communication. Will use again. ” ”"

I need a database for inputting and tracking distrSee more.
ibution of posters. It needs the following elements: •List of display sites – Site name and address and ability to add/erase sites as and when needed. •Ability to separate sites into areas and to be able to name each area •Total number of poster sites in each display site – this varies from minimum of 1 to maximum of 30 •Ability to input a specific poster (new job/media) and allocate where these posters will be displayed . Ability to input clients info •Ability to show when sites have reached maximum poster limits •Ability to designate period of time for poster display •Ability to print out list of display sites by area/job/media/date and show which posters are allocated where and for how long More elements to be added once basic database is designed.

Make this short description.

-- flyercentral.

263414 CSV Project

"“ “ Another good project ” ”"

Update catagory field in csv for all websites. CrSee more.
eate csv for download stock and pricing as agreed. Create csv for new products which are not on the productbysupplier table but are on the supplier table.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

262959 Very Easy Data Entry 2

"“ “ He had finish the project before deadline.I'm very satisfied. Will use him again.Great!:) ” ”"

Hi, I need you to do a very easy data entry job. See more.
Please remember this project is very URGENT. And dont bid if you cant do it. PM me for the details. SERIOUS BIDDER ONLY. Thank you.

Make this short description.

-- pcboy44.

262448 Access Errors

"“ “ Again another great job. ” ”"

This project as agreed is Fix Computerbookshop feSee more.
ed so all data is imported in to access 2007 table. Finish the xls to csv fix so the correct format can be loaded in to access 2007. Fix other small errors with other feeds which are showing errors. Other Small Bug Fixing.

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

261313 VB Error mismatch

"“ “ Very good work will use again. ” ”"

I have imported 20000 product in to my access 2007See more.
table using a vb script 17800 get writting to the able and the rest i get this error for can some one help Error on record number 28 PartNumber N3111592 Error No: 13 Type mismatch

Make this short description.

-- chrispsl.

261127 Twitter Project

"“ “ Did a great job with fast responses. Very happy with the intricacies, initiative and attention to detail. Will work with again very soon! ” ”"

Hi reliablefreelancer, as per our discussion I'll See more.
add it up to $50 total for the job. I'll pass the login details once our emails are released. Thanks -odium

Make this short description.

-- odiumsl.

260656 VBA Excel 2007 ASAP


Hello Need this ASAP (1 or 2 days). This works fiSee more.
ne with excel 2003, but now I´m moving to excel 2007 and don´t know how to change "filesearch" code. Scrow payment Thanks in advanced Details: _____________________________________ Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application.DisplayAlerts = False On Error Resume Next Dim basebook As Workbook Dim mybook As Workbook Dim pt As PivotTable Dim ws As Worksheet With Application.FileSearch **** here is the problem .NewSearch .LookIn = "C:\Consultas" .SearchSubFolders = True .FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks If .Execute() > 0 Then For i = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count Set mybook = Workbooks.Open(.FoundFiles(i), UpdateLinks:=0, IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended:=True, corruptload:=0) For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets For Each pt In ws.PivotTables pt.PivotCache.MissingItemsLimit = xlMissingItemsNone Next pt Next ws ActiveWorkbook.RefreshAll ActiveWorkbook.Save ActiveWorkbook.Close Next i End If End With Application.Quit End Sub

Make this short description.

-- pbarra.

259830 Super easy project

"“ “ Great job on this easy project. Thanks! ” ”"

This is a simple project for someone who wants a rSee more.
eview... All you'll do is go to a website at midnight (US Eastern time) for 4 days and write down a number that's on the site... After 4 days you'll send the 4 numbers to me. You'll need to use some type of time zone website to get the time for US Eastern in your country (if you're outside the US) Please note: I'm only paying $5 for this project... NOT $5 + the $5 SL fee. If you can't do this for just a review, please don't bid. All bids over $5 will be deleted.

Make this short description.

-- mmmcom.

257810 Tool extract

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I would like an access database file of the tool tSee more.
hats here It has 4 dropdowns giving you a avarage price per carbrand, model, year and miles.

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246041 video download and subtitle ad

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I need someone to download approximately 15 short See more.
videos off a given site. You then need to ad a subtitle to the video, and a closing credits slide to the end,and send to me in .avi format. Videos are all 3 minutes or less. Thanks

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244967 writing title and description

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I need 400 diffrents titles and descriptions for aSee more.
video link to upload on video sharing site ( youtube) please ask for details

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243074 Macro Help

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The information I have below is trying to see if dSee more.
urring the three week span one of the conditions is meet than that color will genorate with the color text in a cell next to it but i'm not sure on how to put it as a macro and having problems writing..if someone can please help thanks Dim V6 Dim W6 Dim X6 Dim G6 Dim E6 Dim GREEN Dim YELLOW Dim RED IF V6, W6, X6 => E6 'all are greater than 99.30% than G6 = "GREEN" 'w/Color ElseIf IF V6, W6, X6 = V6, W6, X6 'all are below the normal (99.30) but at a constint than G6 = "YELLOW" 'w/Color ElseIf IF V6, W6, X6 < V6, W6, X6 'all are below the normal (99.30%) and declining than G6 = "RED" 'w/colo

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238440 Set up Excel Sheet

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Set up a excel work sheets with advanced filters aSee more.
nd three simple macros. Must be tested and work I should be able to send email right from excel sheet. Every entry in row/cell show the input date and time Add formula where color of the cell changes based on date [ aging] 15 days, 30 days etc, three colors red, yellow green. I should be able to copy features into other sheet.

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Your job is simply to copy and paste our inventorySee more.
of 600 products that will be presented to you into our website's shopping cart (virtuemart).

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