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Custom Entry Point down on a searchable database website (
"Wow - great work. I have used this programmer before, and have always been very pleased with how fast and professional everything is completed."



  • 1. Excel based applications - Excel programming, Macros, VBA
  • 2. Creating excel templates the way you want it and probably discuss more ideas as well.
  • 3. Integration with other Microsoft office tools.
  • 4. Integration with MS Access the way you want it (of course if possible from the tools)

    Data Entry
  • 1. My typing speed is 65-70 wpm.
  • 2. Can work with different systems at the same time without getting confused.
  • 3. Can keep cool under pressure.

    Visual Basic
  • 1. Programming with Visual Basic
  • 2. Creating manuals
  • 3. Debugging, fixing issues and decompiling etc.,

    VB(dot)NET, C#, ASP(dot)NET
  • 1. Can do all the programming you need with all of the three above - Have around 6 years experience in each of these

  • Around 10 years of SQL experience with various RDBMS... including Oracle and SQL Server.


    Microsoft Office
  • 1. Can create, edit, beautify any sort of Powerpoint presentations.
  • 2. Can create, work on graphics.

  • 1. Audio-Video editing
  • 2. Writing manuals
  • 3. Writing help files.
  • 4. Writing articles.
  • 5. Writing blogs

And more...